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The Business Analyst works as a link between business and IT. If a new computer system should be established, the customer needs to be translated into technical solutions. This requires the Business Analyst broad technical knowledge, which he can communicate with the customer. There must also be a discussion with the IT department, so the customer needs to implement in a good way.

As such, the Business Analyst being an intermediary on many different levels can work and communicate with both IT and business solutions to create models to formulate and put forward. Because of the nature of the job of a Business Analyst, the Business Analyst Salary is usually in the higher range.

The Business Analyst has a support function with the important task of business to set up and maintain. He shall build an organization chart and how the organization works. How much time a Business Analyst works on the modelling of automation processes in relation to negotiating and advising clients varies by employer.

In some cases, more so in technical terms are requested. On the other hand, some features of utmost importance to developments in the industry is to monitor and translate them into solutions and improvements in the business. The Business Analyst must be a real centipede and well able to switch between its various activities.

The training for a Business Analyst can be an education in Business Administration, Business Information Technology, Computer Science, Business Informatics or equivalent training. There are also specific trainings available after obtaining the Bachelors degree. Large consulting companies provide internal training for Business Analyst as well.
A business analyst translates user requirements into usable ICT solutions. He must therefore have broad knowledge of both business and ICT access. If he beats bridges between these two worlds and creates support for changes, including changes in business processes than he's got good qualifications as a Business Analyst. The Business Analyst Salary will also depend on his level of experience.